Markell-Bani Fine Wines: Aniyah Rouge and Demera Blanc- Signature Sweet Wines For All Occasions

Aniyah Rouge & Demera Blanc

Qlassic Taste... Signature Flavors

The Markell-Bani brand was created with the highest standards of quality, purpose and conscientiousness; thus, our product is based on taste and distinction and not on fleeting trends in the wine industry.  

Aniyah Rouge (sweet red) and Demera Blanc (sweet white) were crafted to introduce our primary audience (sweet wine drinkers) to flavorful, yet sweeter wines with a modest alcohol content (12% minimum). Both Aniyah Rouge and Demera Blanc are produced from widely known sweeter grape blends (Concord and Niagara respectively) that are traditionally grown in the northeastern United States. 

Markell-Bani Signature Wines are sold in select retail stores across Ohio and Maryland, wholesale direct through Markell-Bani Distributing, and online through the MB Wine Club.  

ANIYAH ROUGE (Download the Wine Card)

  • Taste: Sweet 
  • Style: Full bodied 
  • Description: Bold, smooth and sweet red wine made with Concord grapes 
  • Pairings: Beef, Pasta, Chocolate 
  • Origin: Pennsylvania Alcohol: 12.5%

DEMERA BLANC (Download the Wine Card)

  • Taste: Sweet 
  • Style: Light bodied 
  • Description: Crisp, fruity and sweet white wine made with Niagara grapes. 
  • Pairing: Fruit, Salads, Fruit Pies, Antipasto and Spicy Asian Fare. 
  • Origin: Pennsylvania Alcohol: 12% 

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